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New Student Orientation



Stillman College is excited that you have selected our institution for Fall 2014 enrollment.
This information has been designed to assist you and your parents with the transition into the Stillman community.

Orientation and residence hall check-in is scheduled for Saturday, August 9th from 8:30am to 2:30pm in the Stinson Building. As a newcomer to Stillman, we strongly encourage you and your parents to arrive at your earliest to allow your parents to attend the Parents Information Session. If you are not able to arrive during these hours, please contact us directly at 205-366-8894 or via email at

All female students should report to Roulhac Hall and all male students should report to Hay Hall after 2:30pm on August 9th.

Important Dates to Remember:

August 9                      Orientation/Residence Hall Check-In

August 9-12                  Orientation activities (including testing and academic advising)

August 12-13                Registration for all students

August 14                     CLASSES BEGIN

August 16                     New Student/Alumni Picnic

            September 4                 Freshman/New Faculty/Staff Confirmation Ceremony/Fall Convocation


Students should plan to move in on Saturday, August 9th and remain on campus for the mandatory orientation activities.   Information sessions for parents will also be on Saturday, August 9th. These sessions will focus on academic and behavioral expectations, campus safety and financial responsibilities.

The 2014 Orientation fee is $50.00 and an Orientation Confirmation Form is available bleow.  
Priority date for payment is July 15, 2014.   Directions for payment and form submission are on the Orientation Confirmation Form. 

Where will I live?  First-year female students are housed in Roulhac Residence Hall and first-year male students are housed in Hay Residence Hall.

What do I need to know about submitting medical information?  Each new student must submit a Stillman College Medical Record form, a copy of both sides of the student’s insurance card, Medicare card, Medicaid card, or parents’ insurance card (if student is still insured through the parents) and a copy of the student’s immunization record.  Do not submit the original immunization record to Stillman.  Parents are strongly encouraged to review their current health insurance to provide information to the carrier that will allow your student to remain insured during their matriculation.     

The Stillman College Medical Record form is available below.   A health care provider must perform the student’s physical examination and must sign the medical form. Each full-time student is automatically enrolled in the Stillman College Insurance Plan, which provides limited coverage for students.     College Health Services is located on the second floor of the Johnson-Robinson Building.   Health Service hours of operation will be posted in August.  A student living with a chronic illness (e, g., hypertension, diabetes, sickle cell, migraines, asthma, allergies, seizure disorders, cancer, etc.) is strongly encouraged to obtain a referral to a physician in the Tuscaloosa area.  Contact with the Tuscaloosa physician should be made prior to the student’s entry to Stillman.  If possible, the student should bring a one to two months’ supply of maintenance medication to Stillman  If you need information about Health Services before August 15, 2014, please e-mail

What do I need to bring to Stillman?  For your housing stay at Stillman, you will need bed linens, cleaning supplies, a stapler, toilet paper, paper towels and two eight GB flash drives.

What kind of clothes do I need for orientation week and for Stillman?  There will be three rituals designed to connect you with the Stillman community.  Ritual attire is black and white business/interview. Students should wear comfortable shoes at the ceremonies.  Please note the following for appropriate attire:


Neck ties (required), belts, black dress shoes, black slacks, and white long sleeved shirts to each ceremony. 


Black dresses, black suits, skirts, or slacks, white blouses, and black dress shoes.      

Inappropriate Ceremony Attire:

Tennis shoes, jeans, and flip-flops are not appropriate for the ceremonies.     

Appropriate Orientation/Stillman Campus Attire:  

Jeans, walking shorts, t-shirts, polos, skits, and khakis. 

Inappropriate Orientation or Stillman Campus Attire:

Extremely short//tight/revealing shorts, skorts, skirts, or tops; sagging pants/shorts; do-rags,  “wife beater” shirts, clothes with profanity or drug/alcohol related symbols.

What is Business/Professional Attire Day?   Each Thursday is Business/ Professional Attire Day.  Students and other members of the Stillman community are expected to dress in business attire for the duration of the day from 8:00am – 5:00pm. All students are required to dress in a manner appropriate for an interview on Business/Professional Attire day. 

How do I protect my valuables?  Stillman is a safe community.  We strive to educate Stillmanites about how to keep themselves and the campus safe.  Students are strongly encouraged to keep copies of receipts of large purchases (TVs, laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc.), to engrave identifying marks on valuable items, and to record item serial numbers; information about on-campus engraving services will be posted in residence halls.   Identification of property is useful in case of loss or theft.  The College does not accept responsibility for the loss/damage of student property. Stillman students are automatically enrolled in a renter’s insurance policy.   Information about the renter’s insurance is available at registration.

How do I request accommodations for a disability?  Stillman complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Stillman students with documented disabilities who are seeking ADA accommodations are requested to submit copies of their medical and/or other disability related information to Stillman College Student Development Center, ADA Information, P.O. Box 1430, Tuscaloosa, AL  35403.

Information can be e-mailed to  Information must state the manner in which the disability impacts the student in an academic environment and in everyday activities.  Testing documentation will not be accepted if the testing occurred prior to May 2011.  An IEP is not acceptable documentation; however, IEP information can be helpful in providing information about services received during grades K-12.    Meetings to discuss accommodations must be scheduled by e-mailing  No request for accommodation will be considered until all documentation is received and a meeting has been scheduled.     It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the SDC director has received documentation and that a meeting has been scheduled. 

We know that you will be a wonderful addition to Stillman, and we are excited about your decision to join us.   Enjoy the rest of your summer.  We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, August 9th at 8:30am in the Stinson Building.

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