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Stillman College selected to participate in NNEDLearn 2014


Tuscaloosa, Alabama, April 8,  2014– Stillman College has been selected to participate in NNEDLearn 2014, a professional development opportunity offered by the National Network to Eliminate Disparities in Behavioral Health (NNED). The NNED is a national network funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) that supports information sharing, training, and technical assistance among organizations and communities dedicated to the well being of diverse communities.

Stillman participants are Dr. Charlotte Carter, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Retention; Jacqueline W. Currie (team leader), Director, Student Development Center; Artha P. James, Coordinator, Stilllman Management Institute; Dr. Joseph Scrivner, Assistant Professor of Religion/Director, Center on Religion and Society; and James Taggart, Chief of Stillman College Police.

NNEDLearn 2014 offers NNED members an opportunity to build skills in an evidence-supported and culturally appropriate clinical and/or consumer practice. Realizing that it takes more than a 2-day training to implement new practices or programs, the NNEDLearn model includes: pre-work, a 2 ½ day on-site training, and participation in 5 months of post-training follow-up through coaching and webinars to support the uptake of the practice or program.

The Stillman College Team will participate in the PLAAY workshop, one of five training tracks offered at NNEDLearn 2014.  PLAAY (Preventing Long-term Anger and Aggression in Youth) relies upon recast theory (Racial Encounter Coping Appraisal and Socialization Theory) and teaches participants about racial stress, literacy, and coping in its physical activity and group therapy components.   The Stillman team will examine the relationship between racial and gender-related conflicts and youth achievement and persistence in schooling, the use of in-the- moment stress reduction techniques when working with Black male youth, and the application of racial stress and coping strategies on interventions with youth and families.

NNEDLearn 2014 is funded by SAMHSA and is provided at no cost to the participants or the community. For more information about the NNED, please visit

For more information, contact:
Jacqueline W. Currie    
 Stillman College Student Development Center

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