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Stillman College and Tuscaloosa Ministerial Alliance Forge Closer Relationship


   Rev. Percy with Dr. Thomas

Tuscaloosa, AL - Reverend Percy Mills, President of the Tuscaloosa Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, announced during a March 3rd meeting at Stillman that the organization is seeking to form a closer relationship with the College. 

“We want to enhance awareness of Stillman in the community.  Many of our members attended Stillman.  We love Stillman. We want to spread the word to our churches about Stillman activities and programs.  Through Upward Bound, outreach to kids in public housing and other activities, Stillman really impacts the community. We want children to know more about Stillman and consider attending the College,” said Reverend Mills. “Many colleges have a tremendous amount of community support, and we want to help provide more support for Stillman.”

The purpose of the Ministerial Alliance is to promote, enhance, and strengthen the common spiritual, social, educational, and economic development of the communities served by its clergy affiliations.  Reverend Mills said that many of the Ministerial Alliance’s goals are closely related to Stillman’s goals.

Dr. Eddie B. Thomas, Vice President for External Affairs, expressed his excitement about forming a closer relationship with the Ministerial Alliance and stated that their meeting in Geneva Hall at Stillman was significant. “This is the community room,” he stated, noting that the College welcomes the community to the campus.

Stillman Interim President Dr. Peter E. Millet stated, “The Ministerial Alliance has a long history of partnering with groups in and around Tuscaloosa. It is my pleasure to welcome them to the historic campus of Stillman College. This group, which is composed of strong and dedicated community leaders, is now working to identify ways to engage with and support Stillman. Ventures such as this have the potential to benefit both Stillman College and the entire Tuscaloosa community. I look forward to continued collaboration between the Ministerial Alliance and Stillman.”

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