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Stillman Management Institute (SMI)

Stillman Management Institute (SMI) is designed to meet the educational needs of adult learners with transferable credit. These students are typically working full/part-time and interested in completing their degree in the evening while continuing to work. The opportunity to attend weekly sessions or online on a year-round basis allows an earlier completion of the degree.

The educational mission of the program is two-fold. First, it provides continual opportunities for integrating one’s considerable work experience with the concepts of a comprehensive management curriculum. Secondly, it seeks to renew and foster the participant’s professional growth and capabilities in order to prepare for even more productive future years.

Instructional modules are scheduled in a fashion that allows students to fit the program into an already busy schedule. The modules are conducted one contact per week or online for the duration of the program. Only one module/class is taken at a time.  

To learn more about SMI, contact me at 205-366-8804 or via email at I look forward to serving you.


Artha P. James

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