Business Administration

 The Business Department at Stillman is one of the few accredited business programs with the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education and (IACBE) in the nation.  It is also an integral and fast growing program in the Division of Professional Education that uses our traditional and wireless technology modes of communication to help fulfill your dream of becoming an “Educated Business Graduate.”

We are proud to claim that our highly dedicated and qualified professors who mesh theory with practice will work with you to achieve your goal of becoming an educated business graduate. 

The business department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Business specializing in Accounting, Marketing, and/or Management.

 Name  Office  Email  Phone

 Dr. Emmanuel Chijioke
 Snedecor 208  366-8131
 Dr. Carol Williams
 Snedecor 214  247-8149
 Dr. Kingsley Wokukwu
 Snedecor 209  247-8190