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Department of Social Sciences

The Social Sciences Department offers a major program in history. In addition, the department offers courses in geography, history, sociology, and political science, and a pre-law program with guaranteed outcomes for qualified students. Further information about the pre-law program can be found in the Special Programs section of this catalog. Courses in geography provide necessary knowledge and meet requirements in history and certification requirements for secondary social sciences teacher certification. Department members are student-centered with a zeal for academic success. The faculty serves as mentors and advisors to students as they advance. Graduates with a major in history will have a variety of career options. Many history graduates will opt for either graduate school or law school. Many will become teachers at the public school level or in higher  education. Others may follow a career in some form of public service in both public and private institutions.



Name Office Email
Dr. Linda Beito
Wynn Center 139 366-8946
Dr. Thomas Jennings Wynn Center 239A 366-8870
Dr. Lawrence Kreiser Wynn Center 250  248-3408
Dr. Sheren Sanders Wynn Center 129A  366-8828