Welcome to the Department of Psychology

The Psychology degree was developed to enable students to think scientifically about behavior and mental processes, develop research and assessment skills, and to use those skills to solve everyday problems.   Students who complete the degree in psychology may choose to work in various fields such as assessment, advising, research, and crisis prevention and intervention.  Additionally, students may choose to attend graduate school in order to work in fields such as clinical psychology, educational psychology, social work, marriage and family counseling, rehabilitation counseling, and school counseling.  The broad application of psychology in other disciplines makes the courses suitable for students from other majors. The guidelines provided by the American Psychological Association (2007) for undergraduate psychology majors were used to develop the program and student learning outcomes.

One who does not look ahead remains behind. -Brazil
The Psychology Department accepts as our mission:
·       Offering quality, student-centered instruction to a diverse body of students
·       Emphasizing intellectual skills, research and writing
·       Providing practical opportunities for connecting academic knowledge with application and community service
·       Improving the quality of life for our students and our community via teaching, research, and community service
·       Supporting student preparation for graduate studies, professional careers, and leadership roles in the global community
·       Cultivating character and self-understanding, by fulfilling students’ psychological needs to "know thyself" and also by providing scholarly correction of historical, cultural and social myths
·       Generating proactive and revisionist research to address classic and contemporary psychological and social issues

Furthering the Stillman College mission, The Psychology Department:
·       Encourages students to demonstrate competence in their discipline
·       Strengthens students’ ability to perform independent research, demonstrate objective scholarship, and exhibit creative production/performance appropriate to the field of Psychology
·       Emphasizes qualifications for admission to and achievement in graduate and professional schools, or success in a selected career
·       Motivates students to help them think critically and logically about and express with clarity their observations, experiences, and findings concerning the world we live in
·       Promotes principles of faith, ethical integrity and constructive compassion
·       Promotes a technologically enriched educational experience 


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 Dr. Sonya Hutchinson
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 Dr. Askhari Hodari
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