The Area of Music

 Stillman College offers the Bachelor of Arts in the area of music. The Area of Music provides a program of study that prepares graduates in music to
fulfill a wide range of possible roles. Musical training and thorough exposure to the liberal arts curriculum is provided through the College’s required  core curriculum, required music courses and elective courses that allow students to explore a variety of subjects in other academic areas.

In addition to providing training for music majors, the Area of Music enriches the lives of non-music majors by providing them with courses that develop their musical interests and talents. The development of student musical skills will broaden their understanding and appreciation of music. The Area of Music enhances educational and cultural programs at the College by providing musical performance opportunities to talented students creative musical  experiences to enrich the life of the college public performances for the surrounding and extended communities

The Area of Music aims for its students to be able to successfully attend graduate programs and/or enter into creative endeavors.


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