Department of Mathematics

 The Department of Mathematics offers a Baccalaureate degree in mathematics and seeks to provide the background requisite for employment and/or advanced study. The department provides to all students the mathematics and computer science courses required to satisfy the general education standards appropriate for a four-year, Liberal Arts College. The department offers courses at a variety of introductory levels to accommodate students of varying backgrounds and abilities. A major in mathematics combines pure and applied studies, allowing for some concentration in each and may lead to careers in teaching, industry, and government.


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Dr. Jonathan Asuru 
 Stinson 212 366-8825
Dr. Hanxiang Chen  Stinson 216 366-8935
Dr. Cecil Flournoy  Stinson 112 247-8168
Mrs. Brenda Weaver  Stinson 214 366-8887
Mr. Kendrick White  Stinson 210  366-8841