Studio Art

Students who major in the Studio Art Program will be prepared for graduate school; to enter the teaching profession; or to pursue other careers in art. These students will effectively express themselves using artistic skills and demonstrate an understanding of the responsibilities of a professional artist. Upon the completion of a major in Studio Art, a student will be able to (1) demonstrate knowledge of various philosophies of art, aesthetics, and art criticism as it related to art history (2) demonstrate knowledge and command of design principles and concepts (3) use technology in creating digital imagery (4) demonstrate skills in seeing and observation (5) demonstrate skills in the technical application of various artistic mediums. (drawing, painting, photography, digital art, etc.) (6) express visual concepts and ideas in a creative manner at a professional level and (7) install their work as a professional presentation in the College gallery.


Mr. Leonard Dawson
Fine Arts
Wynn Center 118A
  Ms. Keyser Wilson
Fine Arts
Wynn Center 115/116