Department of Fine Arts

The Department of Fine Arts offers discipline-centered and performance based programs that lead to the bachelor of art degree in music and visual arts. Our small size allows one-on-one interaction with our diverse and talented faculty of professional artists and musicians who collectively work to meet the individual needs of each student. Students of all disciplines are encouraged to express their creative talents and appreciation for the arts in a nurturing and encouraging environment.

Studio Arts


 Name Department
 Office Email
 Dr. Luvada Harrison  Music  Wynn Center 269A  366-8943
 Mr. Leonard Dawson  Fine Arts  Wynn Center 118A  366-8956
 Dr. Hyesook Jung  Music  Wynn Center 267A  248-3401
 Dr. Laura Parsons  Music  Wynn Center 163A  247-8046
 Mr. Bruce Thompson  Music  Wynn Center 165  366-8822
 Mr. Remus Webb  Music  Wynn Center 231A  366-8978
 Ms. Keyser Wilson  Fine Arts  Wynn Center 115/116  366-8860
 Mr. Derrick Yates  Music  Wynn Center 231A  248-3409