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Journalism Major

As a result of successful completion of the Journalism Program, graduates will:
  • Exhibit professional practices and skills of journalism and communication, which include a process approach for writing, speaking, and producing.
  • Use technology to effectively communicate.
  • Be prepared to pursue advanced study in graduate school.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the responsibilities of a professional journalist.
Upon completion of the Journalism major, students will be able to:
  • Identify basic terms of the profession and report, design, edit and function within the climate of the newsroom.
  • Produce useful interview questions and conduct interviews in ways that are ethical.
  • Present solidly written, clear and concise pieces that illustrate standard journalistic style at high levels of proficiency.
  • Edit stories using proper symbols as discussed in the APA Stylebook.
  • Exercise judgment regarding newsworthiness.
  • Utilize knowledge of basic laws related to journalism.
  • Act with a deep understanding of journalistic ethics and a personal system for resolving ethical conflicts.
  • Use the basic technology of the profession in order to aide in collection of material and dissemination of news through multiple mediums.
  • Write in traditional news, feature, and opinion styles as well as literary methods and in public relations forms.
  • Utilize knowledge of the development of the profession and historical figures, trends, and practices, especially related to African Americans in the media.
  • Utilize the role of the journalist in society and the multiple proficiencies expected of a journalist including, but not limited to reporting on government, business, or community.
  • Use professionalism, leadership, and critical thinking skills related to the presentation of information.