English Major

Students who successfully complete the English Program will:
  • Be prepared to successfully matriculate to graduate and/or professional school.
  • Graduate from the program from within four years of entering the program.
  • Be able to successfully complete the exit exam on the first attempt.
  • Present their research at a professional conference and/or publish their research in a journal.
  • Work with their designated thesis advisor to complete the steps in the process for the senior thesis by the deadlines established by the department.
Upon completion of the English major, students will be able to:
  • Demonstrate proficiency in using standard spoken and written American English.
  • Present knowledge of English language history and grammatical systems.
  • Describe characteristics of major historical literary movements.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the patterns of development of English and American literature from the beginning to the present.
  • Apply knowledge of and proficiency in writing acceptable literary/critical analyses.
  • Recognize the characteristics of various literary genres and of current literary issues and trends.
  • Use modern technology and traditional methods to research, synthesize, and appropriately document critical papers and the senior thesis.