The Department of English supports the core curriculum with student-centered instruction in languages, literature, composition, speech and mass communications, and prepares students for graduate study and varied professional careers.  The Department also supports the mission of the college by helping to produce graduates who express themselves clearly through writing and speaking, use technology skillfully, demonstrate the ability to do independent research, and exhibit a strong commitment to service.

The Department of English offers two Bachelor of Arts degrees: one in English with a   concentration in traditional liberal arts and one in journalism.  The Department also offers a Bachelor of Science degree in English with a teaching concentration in Language Arts (grades 7-12).  Moreover, the Department offers minors in English, Speech, and Journalism to complement other majors. The Department encourages the use of English as one of a double major and/or a minor in a foreign language for students interested in increasing employment options and in preparing for graduate or professional schools. Through internships and practicums, students gain beneficial work experience.



Dr. Norman Golar
Wynn Center 141A  366-8867
Dr. Kathryn Brewer-Strayer Wynn Center 140  366-8995
Dr. Lucinda Coulter Wynn Center 223A  366-8819
Dr. Shompa Datta Wynn Center 221  366-8990
Dr. Doris Davenport Wynn Center 226A  247-8127
Dr. Dabney Gray Wynn Center 229  366-8847
Dr. Ted Greer Wynn Center 227  248-3236
Dr. David Saffo Wynn Center 224  366-8813