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Custodial Worker

Position Description: Custodial Workers perform duties associated with the cleaning and maintenance of Campus buildings. This position performs routine manual work in housekeeping and cleaning of interior spaces and immediate exterior areas. Typical duties include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, polishing, dusting furniture, and cleaning restrooms, windows, blinds, mirrors in academic, administrative and athletic buildings as well as on campus living spaces.


  1. Demonstrate ability to read, write and follow oral and written instructions.
  2. Must be able to lift, handle and maneuver the tools, materials and supplies of the job.
  3. Must be able to climb stairs.
  4. Must be able to work various shifts.
  5. Must be able to lift, handle and maneuver the tools, materials and supplies of the job (up to 25lbs).
  6. Must be able to climb stairs and ladders.
  7. Must be able to walk and/or stand for extended periods of time.
  8. Must be able to reach and lift arms above head; kneel, bend or stoop.
  9. Must have the ability to use job-related tools, equipment and chemical supplies.

10. High school diploma or GED.

11. Valid driver's license.

**Prior to hiring, the final candidate(s) must successfully pass a preĀ­ employment background investigation.



Position Description:  The Groundskeeper will be mowing, watering, weeding, seeding, fertilizing, and maintaining lawns. Pruning and transplanting shrubs, spreading bark, and flowerbed maintenance may be needed. Trash and related debris may need to be picked up from the grounds of campus and other College related sites. During inclement weather some snow and ice may also have to be removed. This is not a conclusive list of duties as some others may be assigned as needed by the Supervisor.


1.High school diploma or GED.

2.Good speaking and writing skills.

3.Should have an avid interest in outside work.

4.Be able to bend, stoop, and lift heavy objects. This should require average physical strength.

5.Must have good general health and be able to withstand working in all types of weather environments.

6.Valid driver's license.