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Greetings from Student Development

Welcome to the Student Development Center and Student Services web page.  You will find links to information that will assist you during your time at Stillman College.

The Student Development Center is committed to the concept that students who are admitted to Stillman College can succeed and that these students are committed to obtaining a quality education.  College years are a pivotal time in the lives of students and offer a myriad of opportunities for students to maximize their personal and academic potential.  There are, however, needs and concerns that may preclude successful matriculation at Stillman.  The Student Development Center’s role, therefore, is to support the College in maintaining an environment that is maximizes academic, personal, and career potential.  The Center also helps students to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Stillman educational experience.  The Center, staffed by a director, is located in the lower level of the Hay College Center near the stairs.    

A variety of services and programming, which include counseling/referrals, crisis intervention, new student orientation, community service opportunities, graduate/professional school services, wellness education, services for students with disabilities, as well as institutional testing and academic advising for students enrolled in STI 111 classes are provided.  Because of the nature of the Center’s work, there is an emphasis on being proactive in the work and collaborative in and collegial in working with College units and external entities, thereby augmenting academic mission of Stillman.

Stillman College Health Services is located in Room 14,second floor, Johnson-Robinson Building.  Health Services provide treatment of illnesses, diet and nutrition counseling, as well as referral to off-campus care providers, prescriptions, monitoring of chronic illnesses/injuries, follow-up and referrals for members of the Stillman College community, and education about health/wellness related issues.  Health Service also monitors and documents trends that impact the health of the College community and provides proactive services and education to decrease illness and injury. in the Stillman.  The nurse practitioner also serves as advocates for the College in the local health care community.


Jacqueline W. Currie
Director, Student Development Center

Earnestine O. Tucker
College Nurse Practitioner

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