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Welcome to Residence Life

We are very excited about your interest in living in our residence halls. The Housing and Residence Life staff believes that the on-campus residential experience provides a very positive environment for our students to live, study, and develop friendships. Being a part of the Stillman residential community will enhance your ability to maximize your academic potential. Our ultimate goal is to see you graduate and move into the workforce or into the graduate/professional program of your choice.

Stillman College maintains six residence halls, four male and two females, to accommodate over one thousand students. The residence halls are equipped with study areas, TVs in each lobby, laundry facilities and refreshment machines. All rooms are furnished and designed to house two students and are equipped with cable and individual telephone services.

All freshmen and sophomore students, with the exception of students who graduated from a high school within a 50-mile radius of the College campus, are required to live on campus both semesters. Students desiring accommodations in on campus housing must complete and submit a contract for student housing and a housing application. A non-refundable housing reservation fee of $200.00 for Wynn and all male residence halls and $300.00 for Roulhac Hall is required for all incoming students. Roommate requests can be made on the back of the housing application form. Request must be mutual. If no request is made by the incoming student prior to arriving on campus, a roommate assignment will be determined by the residence hall director.  Students will receive their room number and room key upon check-in to the residence hall.

All students living in the residence halls are required to  have a meal plan. The meal plans are not transferable or exchangeable.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


Jennifer Bunton
Director of Residence Life/Housing
(205) 366-8893

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