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The Office of Retention

The Office of Student Retention is designed as the primary Retention Center at Stillman. The most challenging time for many college students is the freshman year. Making friends and adjusting to academic life is often not easy. For students, the transition from high school to college is fun and  exciting, yet it can be difficult, stressful, and filled with anxiety. The Office of Student Retention offers and centers its focus on the freshman class and their social, personal, and academic adjustment to college.

This office offers a unique service as advocates to all of our students. Problems may arise in a number of different areas and it is important to this office that these problems be handled in a direct, expeditious, and friendly manner. Students will come to the office with concerns ranging from a need for academic services to family financial problems, from course load difficulties to feeling isolated, commuter parking issues, and many times just to have someone listen.

With an open door policy all day long, students can feel free to get in touch on a personal basis with me. I am committed to assisting students toward  graduating in four years. Both quantitative and qualitative data are being collected in order to determine retention rates for groups of Stillman students  and to determine why students leave the institution. Some focus group sessions have been conducted in order to gain insight as to why students do not return to the College and to identify groups of students who have had either traditionally low or high retention rates.

By determining the various reasons that students do not return, the College can institute policies and practices to aid students in attaining their  educational objectives.