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Greetings from the Office of Retention

The Office of Retention seeks to provide services and programs, which create a seamless transition from high school to college and lead to student academic success, develop communication tools to inform students of campus resources and programs to support student success. A major focus in the office is to maintain open communication with faculty, staff and parents about issues and resources pertaining to student retention. In addition, the Office of Retention can provide intrusive and individualized interventions to students in need; and provide formal, proactive, feedback through which students and others who provide support to the students are alerted to early “red flags.

As this office is a more recent development, I am excited to tell you about what I do and how the College continually strives to support our current  Stillman students. If you ever wished that you had one office that could help you sort out a variety of concerns, well, my office exists to engage  students and their families with the Stillman experience in multiple and meaningful ways. From orientation through graduation, I am committed to supporting and celebrating all Stillman students to achieve their academic goals. To do this, we work to identify the unique characteristics of each  student and seek to provide an atmosphere of inclusion that helps them flourish on our campus and persist to graduation. By listening to the needs and concerns of students, I provide programming tracking data, and facilitate connections to fulfill the College’s commitment to our students’ success and retention.

The Office of Retention is prepared to assist the College in helping students achieve their goals. Student success begins here.

Warmest Regards,

Charlotte Carter, Ph.D.
Vice President for Retention
Stinson Mathematics and Science Building, Room 26