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Office of Institutional Research (OIR)

The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) collects, integrate, and analyze institutional and external data to support institutional decision-making, planning,
and policy development. The work of OIR spans four main areas:
  • Reporting. Maintaining a central repository of institutional data; coordinating the completion of institutional reports and surveys; and providing institutional data to units as requested for the purpose of completing surveys and submitting grant proposals.
  • Research. Conceptualizing and conducting institutional studies and analyses of student and personnel performance for the purpose of facilitating decision-making by College administrators.
  • Institutional Studies. Compiling data that describe the College’s faculty, staff, students, programs, facilities and funds.
  • Assessment. Facilitating the strategic and long range planning efforts; building the College’s capacity to engage faculty in student learning and institutional effectiveness; and developing appropriate data collection methods for on-going assessment activities.