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Welcome to the Office of Institutional Research!

Our mission is to produce timely statistics, qualitative information and analyses that support the College’s strategic planning and decision-making. In this capacity, the Office of Institutional Research assumes primary responsibility for collating, analyzing, and interpreting data about the performance of the College, its students and faculty; and transforming data into information that supports institutional planning, policy making, and assessment.

We accomplish our mission by developing and analyzing strategic indicators, collecting and maintaining data archives, conducting research on issues of institutional importance, generating data using survey instruments and responding to federal, state, and other entities requests for institutional data.

Our job is to assist you in obtaining the information you need to make informed decisions that improve your program and allow Stillman to attain  greater levels of excellence. We hope you find the information you need. If not, feel free to complete and submit the Request for Information Form and we will do the rest!