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Office of Scholarship Programs

The sole purpose of the Office of Scholarship Programs is to assist Stillman students in locating, apply for and securing additional monies to fund their
academic career. This office assists students from start to finish by:
  • Determining scholarships for which Stillman students are eligible
  • Distributing information detailing scholarships, eligibility requirements,deadlines, and amounts for are distributed via office visits, posted throughout campus, and sent electronically via Bulletin Board
  • Reviewing both the eligibility and application requirements with the student applicant to ensure good fit
  • Reviewing the general information portion of the application with the student(s)
  • Revising essays and making suggestions for improvements accordingly
  • Requesting official transcripts on the student's behalf for application submission
  • Ensuring that students write letters of gratitude for scholarship awards regardless of whether this letter is required
  • Ensuring that students maintain scholarship requirements (GPA, update letters, essays, etc.), especially for renewable awards
For more information, contact (205) 247-8152.