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Welcome to the Division of Finance and Administration.

This Division, as one of four operational units of the College, has the responsibility for establishing and maintaining procedures for accounting, budgetary controls, internal checks and audits, inventory controls, and business practices, all of which are designed to safeguard the resources of the College. A strong financial base provides the College with the means to diversify and grow its academic and support programs. An attractive and resilient physical plant provides the institution with a significant footprint within the city and higher education community, while a vital, vigorous workforce provides the means for implementing the College’s mission.

The Division is headed by the Vice President for Finance and Administration/Treasurer and includes administrative departments that are charged with delivering exceptional customer service to faculty, students, and staff. Services provided include accounting, accounts payable, auxiliary business services, cashiering, student accounts, plant management services, financial reporting, procurement, employee compensations/benefits and human relations.

Finance and Administration takes pride in achieving its mission. We hope that our website allows you easy access to the information that you need.