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Office of External Affairs

Theme: “Building and Maintaining Broad Based Community Relationships and Programs That Deliver The Public Service Mission Of The College”

Statement of Purpose

The External Affairs Organization at Stillman is designed to advance the service mission and Community Connections of the College through a well defined delivery system which includes but is not limited to Community Outreach Programs, partnerships with Local, State and National Legislative Organization and providing Continuing Education, initiatives for Business and Industry.

Basic External Affairs Objectives

  • The following objectives undergird the Goals of External Affairs.
  • To connect and maintain positive Community Relations with the College.
  • To plan, organize, implement and evaluate Community Outreach Program initiatives that will improve the quality of life for those who participate.
  • To build and maintain positive relationship with state legislative and congressional officers, local officials, public schools, other higher education institutions and business and industries through well defined partner relationships that will enhance the College’s educational delivery systems and at the same time serve the need of the broad-based community.
  • To facilitate and coordinate campus-wide efforts to secure funds for the College.

External Affairs serves to connect the College to the Broad-Based Community.


Pearlie Duncan
Coordinator of the
Family Life Center
104 Geneva Hall

Monica Henderson
103 Geneva Hall

Bennie Smith

Paul Sanders
Dir. Neighborhood
Network Center