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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Stillman College is a self-perpetuating entity that reflects the diversity of professionals and individuals essential to providing relevant and effective governance to the College.

Dennis O. Driver, Chairman
Vice President, Human Resources
Thervance Biopharmaceuticals
Sacramento, CA

Spencer D. Burchfield
Green Beverage Company, Inc.
Tuscaloosa, AL

Robert E. Burns
Telecommunications Executive (Retired)
Tuscaloosa, AL

The Honorable Judge Eligah D. Clark
Birmingham, AL

Gloria A. Dennard
Educator/Administrator (Retired)
Fairfield, AL

Alfonso Denson
President & CEO
Birmingham Airport Authority
Fairfield, AL

Dr. Evelyn Jenkins Gunn
Educator (Retired)
Tuscaloosa, AL

Dr. Eddie R. Johnson
Deputy Superintendent of Eduction (Retired)
State of Alabama
Montgomery, AL

George A. LeMaistre, Jr., Esq.
Jones Walker, LLP
Mobile, AL

Floyd Phillips 
Investor (Retired)
St. Johns, FL

Dr. Lena B. Prewitt
Professor Emerita
Tuscaloosa, AL

Tracy L. Rosser
Senior Vice President, Transportation
Bentonville, AR

Ann Lavender Simmons
Educator (Retired)
Chicago, IL

Dr. Charles M. Stillman
Yacht Broker
Discovery Yachts
Seattle, WA

Dr. Jack Thomas
Western Illinois University
Macomb, IL

Dr. Susan Austin Warner
Executive Director
The Warner Foundation
Tuscaloosa, AL

Betty Brown Williamson
We Care Enterprises
Athens, GA